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Science hands-on learning

Here is a report on a visiting class of "Science Hands-on Learning," held as part of our contribution to regional society and intended for junior-high school students to develop interest in electric science and understand the importance of infrastructure.

On 8 September 2017 at Nishibiwajima Junior High School in the vicinity of Meidensha Nagoya Works, a hands-on learning session on the theme of "how electricity gets to our home" was held as part of the 120th anniversary projects.

The session of that day was attended by 150 students from four classes of the second year at Nishibiwajima Junior High School with 15 Meidensha employees visiting mainly from Nagoya Works as lecturers and instructors.

The curriculum, intended for each one of the students to work with their hands and to come up with their own creative solution, used AgIC Circuit Markers, conductive nano-silver ink markers, to allow them to handwrite electric circuits and at the same time to give them an image of electricity as infrastructure.
We received messages from many students, saying "the session was easy to understand and was a lot of fun," it was good that we could actually make a circuit," "we want to use electricity with care," together with a letter of appreciation from the headmaster.
We would like to thank all the students for showing their interest in electricity.

Starting from the Nagoya region, we plan to hold such visiting-sessions one by one in Tokyo, Numazu, Ohta and Kofu.
(Hands-on Learning Organizing Committee)

Students ardently listening to the lecture

Drawing electric circuits with AgIC Markers

Working in a group to build a town. Will the lights turn on?

A town full of each student's originality was completed


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