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Creating a better future
with our people
and technology.

Social infrastructure supports people's lives and is the foundation for social development.
Meidensha has been supporting infrastructure with the power of electricity for 120 years.
We invite you to learn more about the Meiden Group, a group of companies addressing worldwide issues with its people and technology.

water infrastructure with AI

Efficient operation of social infrastructure with ICT

Looking to the future of sewage treatment plants Making use of on-site data in R&D for failure prediction technology


Hidekazu Takeda
IoT Data Analytics Services Development Section
ICT Product Technology & Service Development Division
ICT Products & Services Management Group
Meidensha Corporation

To pick up any signs of failure in the sewage treatment plant, we are engaged in developing technology for continuous data collection.

Kosuke Fujita
IoT Data Analytics Services Development Section
ICT Product Technology & Service Development Division
ICT Products & Services Management Group
Meidensha Corporation

We are developing an AI-based diagnostic system that detects abnormlity through realtime capture of discharges with current sensors mounted on the equipment.

Hirozumi Nishizawa
ICT Products & Services Business Planning Division
ICT Products & Services Management Group
Meidensha Corporation

All over Japan social infrastructure is aging and municipalities are increasingly slimmimg down their budgets.

Pursuing greater safety and stable transportation in railways.

The Overhead Catenary System (OCS)
Inspection System

Rapid development in the Malaysian railway network (KTMB Malaysia). With its overhead catenary inspection technology, Meidensha supports the safe and secure operation at KTMB.


Atsushi Oikubo
KVMRT Project

The KTMB railways's role in the country's economic growth is becoming more important year after yearIts electrified section has now extended to 1000km. For safe and secure rail operation, it is essential to quickly find faults in catenary that supplies power to trains, and carry out maintenance.

Masaru Muramatsu
Rail System Business
Engineering Division
Rail System Business Unit
Meidensha Corporation

Identifying an accurate conditions of the catenary allows precise and efficient maintenance work to be performed. We aim to further develop the technology by incorporating AI in the future.

Naoto Kojima
Rail System Business Sales Division
Rail System Business Unit
Meidensha Corporation

We receive increasingly more inquiries for the catenary inspection equipment mainly from Asia. After gaining some experience, we hope to enter European markets, the birthplace of rail.

Driving force for a new era for automobiles.

Electric vehicle drive systems.

As a pioneer of EV drive systems, we support the accelerating growth of electric vehicles.


Yoshinori Nakano
EV Components Development Division
EV Components Business Unit
Meidensha Corporation

We are addressing environmental issues of the next generation by contributing to the spread of electric vehicles, making use of the motor and inverter technologies that we have developed since the company's founding.

Hiroaki Kakei
EV Inverter Development Section
EV Components Development Division
EV Components Business Unit
Meidensha Corporation

We will continue to pursue greater efficiency in EV drive systems by developing smaller, higher-output motors and inverters while incorporating new technologies.

Akira Hayashi
EV Components Sales Division
EV Components Business Unit
Meidensha Corporation

The shift toward electric vehicles is picking up around the world. In this period of transition in the automotive industry, we will contribute to our customers and society with the reliable technical strengths and capability to devise suitable proposals that we have developed since the early stages of electric vehicles.

Protecting water resources that nurture the community.

Maintaining water and sewer systems in Sado-city, Niigata

Efficient maintenance and management services for the water and sewage utility business. Details on efforts for regional water and sewage services in Sado City.


Kyuji Saito
Meiden Facility Service Corporation

Even regions that are located on the same island have different environments and face different issues, and we endeavor to provide maintenance services that are optimally suited to local needs.

Fumihiro Ishise
Meiden Facility Service Corporation

Electrical technology plays an indispensable part in sewage treatment.
We draw on our strengths as an electric equipment manufacturer to provide comprehensive services from equipment manufacturing to the maintenance and management of sewage treatment.

Kazuyuki Ukai
Meiden Facility Service Corporation

We engage in our work of supporting the regional water environment with a sense of mission to ensure the safety and delicious taste of Sado's water.

Yoshifumi Miyazawa
Niigata Branch
Meidenssha Corporation

The Meiden Group has been working on solutions from an early stage, as the tasks have shifted from building and expanding water and sewer services to developing a wider area coverage and greater efficiency.

Kazuyoshi Kawauchi
WIS Sales Engineering Division
Water Infrastructure Systems (WIS)
Business Unit
Meidenssha Corporation

At the Meiden Group, we see the water environment business as more than simply delivering products. This is an important mission to solve issues in society by using our expertise in electric technologies and maintenance while fully exploiting the strengths of public-private partnerships.

Powering the excitement.

Optimal mix of electric power
for Saitama Stadium

A decisive contest to open doors to the world
The games held here are supported by
a power generation system that is
both reliable and efficient.


So Ishihara
PGP Engineering Department
Power Generation Products
Business Unit
Meidensha Corporation

We have supplied a cogeneration system for efficient use of electric power at Saitama Stadium.

Kenta Umezaki
Meiden Engineering Corporation

The Meiden Group's maintenance expertise supports stable facility operation.

Kazuhide Yoshikawa
Public, Private & Nuke
Sector Sales Division
Public, Industrial & Commercial
Sector Business Unit
Meidensha Corporation

Besides Saitama Stadium, we support a great deal of infrastructure, including national and local government facilities, private commercial buildings and hospitals.





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