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About UsMeet Our Team

Meiden America is led by four key members. Together they maintain the operations, sales, and preparation of new leaders to provide future innovation and growth.

President Takashi Mochizuki joined Meiden America, Inc. after being with Meidensha in Shanghai for 12 years. He has been with the Meidensha family for 17 years.  He brings with him great leadership and experience specifically in regards to sales and Ceramic Flatsheet Membrane product expertise.

Kirk Goodell is Vice President of Electronic Components and Office. Kirk has a 40 year history in electronics development, software development, business development and business administration across many business sectors. Included among these sectors are construction, transportation, communications, semiconductor, health care, and manufacturing.

Paul Durrenberg is Vice President of Automotive Engineering. With a deep knowledge of automotive development and resource management, he is well-positioned to build our core strengths.

Marek Witkowski is Vice President of Automotive Sales. Utilizing a rich background in many aspects of product sales, customer communication and support, he is improving our current processes and preparing for our future growth.

Takashi Mochizuki

Kirk Goodell

Vice President

Electronic Components & Office

Paul Durrenberg
Vice President
Automotive Engineering

Marek Witkowski
Vice President
Automotive Sales

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