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World Water Day 2018, 21st March 2018

Being in the water industry, our thoughts are always on water.  World Water Day is an annual event sponsored by the UN that brings attention to water across the planet to everyone.  Climate change concerns have brought a sense of urgency to recognize and deal with the challenges we have with regards to water.  More and more people cannot avoid the issues.  Whether it is water pollution, extreme droughts, rising floodwaters, or record storms, everyone seems to be affected or know someone that is directly affected by water concerns.  Our hearts go out to everyone in Cape Town, South Africa as they approach Day Zero when tap water runs out, the millions of people effected by the record hurricanes and typhoons across the globe in 2017, and all the coastal communities as they try to prepare for rising seawater.  These challenges can seem overwhelming but rest assured that all of us in the water industry are committed to providing products, services, and most importantly solutions to these challenges.

Last year was Meiden’s 120th anniversary year.  This is no small feat for a company to reach this milestone.  I think it is a testament to our philosophy of commitment to the communities that we serve.  Our determination is inherited from our founder and the hopes of all of my colleagues.

Our main business is the manufacturing of electrical technologies that make, send, change, move, and control energy.  For our long-term success we have heeded the changing requirements of society and this is particularly evident in our focused commitment to the environment.  Our involvement in renewable energy production, energy saving technologies, electric and hybrid vehicles, and energy management systems to maximize efficiency is cutting edge.  My group is involved with a product not related to electricity; our Ceramic Flat-sheet Membrane (CFM).  This product was born from our knowledge of ceramic manufacturing and our clients’ desire for an innovative water filtration technology.

Our CFM quite simply filters particulates from liquids, mainly water.  We developed this technology about a decade ago after considering the success of polymeric membranes yet recognizing the need to address their shortcomings.  Over this time we have worked with our clients to provide about 34 million gallons per day of safe drinking water and reuse quality water by filtering both fresh waters and wastewaters in many different applications.  We have helped clients meet their water needs in Japan, Singapore, China, Saudi Arabia, North America, and the list continues to grow.

Being green or sustainable is no longer just a buzzword as more and more municipalities and industrial clients discover that it can add to their bottom line.  To get more solutions implemented that help combat climate change and protect the environment, it is critical to show that the solutions are economically viable.

Our clients have selected our CFM for different reasons such as;
  • Lower lifecycle costs because of long membrane life
  • Peace of mind due to high recoverability
  • Easier membrane maintenance
  • Value added to their water needs and uses
  • Ability to treat difficult waters cost effectively

Their applications have ranged from; treating surface or ground waters to safe drinking water, treating municipal wastewater in a membrane bioreactor (MBR) configuration as part of a reuse scheme, or treating industrial wastewaters in both MBR or filtration configurations for proper discharge or reuse in the industrial facility.  We use the expression ONE WATER – ONE MEMBRANE.

I hope that we’ve shared our positive outlook as we continue to evolve and meet the water challenges we now face.  We are one piece of the puzzle.  There is an army of people, products, and solutions both ready to meet the challenges today and in development to help us better meet them in the future.  We are proud to be part of this army.
Thanks for your time.  Please look for future blogs that will provide more details about benefits our CFM provides for specific applications and successful solutions that our clients have implemented by using our membrane.

In the meantime, consider a few of the many organizations that make a difference-even if it is just one glass or one tree at a time. Let's work together to address our challenges.
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Meiden endeavors to create a better future by connecting high quality products and services to people, society and their lifestyles.

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