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2ACBP series

Logistics Systems(Automatic guided vehicle (AGV) systems)Partial Low-platform Type AGV (2ACBP Series)

It is an ultra-low platform AGV for conveyor with different heights.

Product Features

2ACBP series

It is a partial low-platform type which is a partial ultra-low platform height. (105 mm).
Transfer to conveyors with various heights is possible using the advantages of the ultra-low-platform.
Traction of commercially available wheeled box pallet is possible by putting it under such pallet.
It is a compact AGV for on-board transfer or traction application.

  • It is ideal for the transfer to the existing conveyor unit.

Applications and Solutions

Auto parts manufacturing industry

Characteristics - Transfer unit for single belt conveyor unit /Transfer height 270 mm
- Adoption of a long-stroke automatic battery charging actuator
Carrying items (Transfer articles) Size W532 X L418 X H730 (mm)
Carrying Item: Resin tray
Mass: 143 (kg)

Steel manufacturing industry

Characteristics - Installation of a clamping device in the end of the lifter
- Moving up or down a bobbin placed directly on the floor
Carrying items (Transfer articles) Size: W570 X φ972 (mm)
Carrying Items: Bobbin (wound with welding consumables)
Mass: 1,300 (kg)

Auto parts manufacturing industry

Characteristics - Low-platform type transfer for large-size pallets/Transfer height 350 mm
- Directing with transfer interlock communication /Automatic battery charger specification
Carrying items (Transfer articles) Size: W1700 X L2000 X H2350 (mm)
Carrying Item: corrugated cardboards loaded on the wooden pallet
Mass: MAX 1,000 (kg)


Type 2ACBP1.5 2ACBP2.5 2ACBP10 2ACBP20
Driving and steering method Front drive and front steering
Direction of travel Forward movement (optional backward movement)
Highest travel speed 60m/min
Vehicle dimensions
(H is carriage height.)

AGV Navi

For details, please refer to our "AGV Navi" (a special website) that introduces our automatic guided vehicles.

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