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Logistics Systems(Automatic guided vehicle (AGV) systems)Super Heavy Duty AGV (ACB200 Type and ACB300 Type)

It is the best AGV for free-ranging transportation of very heavy items.

Product Features

We have confidence and track records in in industrial applications to move 20 ton and 30 ton class materials. By integrating the drive and control unit into one, we realized the compact design. The spin turn function is installed and this AGV's small-turn performance is excellent. Moving with less error of travelling route is realized by the guide roller on the side face of AGV Unit and the guide path on the ground level. This heavy item carrying AGV will meet the various customizing needs of our customers for their application of moving very heavy items.

  • Spin turn function and programmable steering function are installed
  • Customization-ready


Type ACB200 ACB300
Drive and steering method Front drive and front steering
Highest travel speed 30m/min
Continuous operation time 3 h (Full load at continuous traveling)
Carrying platform dimensions W1400×H420×D5200mm W1410×H530×D6300mm
Vehicle dimensions W1505×H1764×D7236mm W1653×H2305×D8461mm

AGV Navi

For details, please refer to our "AGV Navi" (a special website) that introduces our automatic guided vehicles.

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