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Meiden Customer Center (MCC) with 24/7/365 service

Business DomainGuide to Meiden Customer Center (MCC)

Our company realizes optimal engineering services to every stage of the facility with due consideration to the customers needs and needs of society duirng the course of the facility's life cycle stages: from initial basic design engineering period, manufacturing, operation, facility maintenance, and upto the junking stage. In the life cycle, MCC rovides our customers 24/7/365 technical supports a

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  • We respond to the error code message from the service contract facility by 24/7/365.
  • In close contact with our servicing hubs across Japan, we work on the earliest trouble-shooting from the facility problem.
  • Under the service contract, MCC services are provided to all of our supplied products and our customers during and warranty and out of warranty period.

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We accept inquiries from service contract customers by fax, and e-mail at 24/7/365.

MCC support description

Failure information management service

MCC handles any failure-related information from the customers as 24/7/365 service.
Further, as before, the failure information from the customers is also being checked at related business units (BUs) : sales and engineering BU, maintenance and service BU and related factory.

  • * When the dispatch of field service engineer is needed, the related factory QA BU and maintenance and service BU will handle such matter.

Remote monitoring service

MCC monitors the customer's facility condition and conducts the proper possible trouble-shooting quickly when the failure message is received. of the customer,  By the request of the customer, MCC will publish the operating condition update periodically in a report format for the customer. . .
Further, going forward, we are planning to provide more advanced services. Based on the analysis of the availability of the facility, we will propose the facility condition diagnosis, predictive & preventive maintenance, assessment of the estimated facility life, proposal for optimum operaition. (These advanced services are available for customers with our service contract.

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