Privacy Policy and Use of Your Personal Information (PPUYPI) relating to Your Inquiry

  • Please read the following terms and conditions (T & C) and if you could agree it, click the "I agree" box and click the "Next step" button. Please understand if you could not agree with the T & C, you could not proceed to the Inquiry section of this Webpage.
  • Any personal data collected for Website User Application will be treated with the utmost care in line with our "Privacy Policy and Use of Your Personal Information (PPUYPI)".
    Please check the PPUYPI first. If you could not agree with the PPUYPI, please refrain from providing your personal information in the Application.
  • Purposes of Using the Collected Personal Information

    Personal information shall be shared within Meiden Group and our authorized sales agents, such information will be used for the following purposes:

    1. (i)Responses to your inquiry and checking of the details of the inquiry
    2. (ii)Submittal of various printed materials such as catalogs, etc.
    3. (iii)Announcements of our product and technical information and various exhibition events and our new services.
  • Regarding the description of the inquiry, please be specific as much as possible.
  • The inquiry information you entered will be distributed as an e-mail to our contacting person of the product related department and and we will give the reply to you (as long as you put your e-mail address in the inquiry form.)
  • Please understand that in some cases the reply may not be availabe or it takes time in responding your inquiry.
  • If you receive the reply from the Company, please refrain from the unauthorized use of such reply (in a part of in full) or secondary use withtout receiving the permission from the Company as it is a infringement on the principle of the Copyright Law in Japan.