Product capacity: 35 kVA to 4,000 kVA

Power Generating Systems Vehicle-mounted electricity generator

Vehicle-mounted electricity generator / movable power station with diesel engine, gas turbine driven generator applied

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Product Features

The vehicle-mounted electricity generator is a complete set of devices such as a generator that are necessary for power supply mounted in a truck. The place where the vehicle-mounted electricity generator is parked becomes a temporary power station.

  • Abundant delivery achievements and high reliability
  • Light weight and compact
  • Good operability
  • Easy power source supply
  • Broad range of vehicle selection
  • Supporting customization that meets a wide range of needs
  • Remote monitoring (optional)

Case Study


General specifications(PDF:939KB)

Rating table (diesel engine)(PDF:845KB)

Rating table (gas turbine engine)(PDF:862KB)

Main delivery destinations and uses

  • For power companies: it is actively used for emergency transmission during power distribution line construction work and in the event of a disaster.
  • For communication companies: It is actively used as an emergency power source for mobile phone base stations and data communication relay stations. The highly mobile vehicle-mounted electricity generator is used because it is distributed at a ratio of one generator per several stations.
  • For event companies: A vehicle-mounted electricity generator is introduced that is specialized for the power supply of lighting and stage setting for concerts and events.
  • For businesses with multiple factories: The effective installation of the generator is possible by moving it to a necessary place depending on the use.

Production range

In our production of generators using a gas turbine, the maximum achievement is 2,500 kVA, with 1,000 kVA in our production of generators using a diesel engine. Among the generators having a total weight less than 8 tons, the maximum achievement is 500 kVA.
However, this is a vehicle-mounted electricity generator in which a complete set of electricity generating devices is installed on a regular diesel truck. Therefore, a vehicle-mounted electricity generator may be produced having a larger capacity than this by using a trailer system, installing the electricity generating device and the control panel related parts separately in two trucks. Please contact us for production possibilities.

  • *Range of application of a driver's license
    If the total weight is less than 5 tons, the generator can be driven with a regular driver's license, and if the total weight is less than 11 tons, it can be driven with a driver's license for a medium size vehicle (less than 8 tons in the case of renewing the driver's license from a regular driver's license before the driver's license regulation was modified).

Other characteristics

Uninterruptible switching supported

Capable of the construction of a commercial power source and an uninterruptible switching system

Transmission to single phase load supported

With a three-phase AC generator, the electricity can be transmitted only to a single phase load having a maximum rated capacity of 30% or less due to the design limitation. We can transmit the electricity to a single phase load up to 60 kVA with a 75 kVA generator by applying a three-phase balance device in which an unbalanced load is made to be three-phase balanced as seen from the generator. A wide range of transmission is implemented with a small capacity vehicle-mounted electricity generator. (The three-phase balanced device is applicable only for low voltage.)

Please contact us anything from introduction planning to operation method.

There are various limitations because the vehicle-mounted electricity generator runs on public roads.
We clear these limitations with our abundant original techniques and well-earned know-how, and we propose a plan that implements our customers' requests to the maximum. Please feel free to contact us for operation methods to improve the introduction effect of the vehicle-mounted electricity generator as well.

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