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Product Features

It is a power generation facility driven by an electric motor such as an induction motor. We respond to a variety of customers' needs such as various power supplies for factory tests, frequency converters, simulation testers, etc. The static type is the mainstream for small capacity. However, the rotation type is used in large machines because the rotation type is stronger and more reliable than the static type, it has a long product operational life, and it is economically advantageous if it is used in a large machine.

  • When it is installed in the facility, it becomes a power source that is independent from incoming. Therefore, stable power supply is possible without being affected by momentary power interruptions of the system.
  • It is not affected by an unbalanced load because the damper winding absorbs the negative-phase sequence component of the load.
  • A large amount of reactive power can be supplied without dropping the voltage in the facility because the reactive power of the load is supplied by the generator.
  • Compared to the static type, the rotation type is stronger and sturdier, more reliable, and has a longer product operational life. Therefore, the advantages of the rotation type are greater.

Delivery achievements

Delivery achievements of Meidensha " Electric Generator"

Years of delivery Facility specifications Quantity
2002 100kVA 4P 60Hz 2
2003 Simulation of a wind power generator (super-Scherbius exciting system)
150kW 4P 50Hz
2003 Single phase power source for a vehicle (built-in heat exchanger)
2,500kVA 10P 50Hz
2005 1,000kVA 10P 50Hz 1
2006 Harmonic generator (corona-free)
1,200kVA 12P 147Hz
2006 2,300kVA 4P 50Hz 1
2008 Outdoor package type 180 kVA 4 P 48/63 Hz 1
2008 Power source for a transformer factory test (corona-free)
1,000kVA 10P 50Hz
2009 Large capacity electric motor loading 10,000 kVA 12 P 60 Hz 1
2009 Frequency converter 1,000 kVA 4 P 60 Hz 1
2010 Simulation of a wind power generator (super-Scherbius exciting system)
29.41kVA 4P 50Hz
2010 Frequency converter 750 kVA 10 P 50 Hz 1


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