Network equipment for industryIndustrial switching hub SW900 type

This type conforms to 19-inch rack and 1U size. It is an industrial switching hub equipped with port configuration to fit the market requiring high reliability and environmental resistance.

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Product Features

It comes with a 24-port gigabit interface featuring environmental resistance and high reliability. A flexible gigabit network can be configured using the network redundancy feature using loop configuration. For the electrolytic capacitor, we use long operational life part. Because it is a fan-less type, no maintenance parts are required. When failure occurs, the transmission path can be reconstructed within 0.5 seconds. This greatly improves the system availability and the reliability.
Further, it comes with a noise filter of power noise-resistance volume of 2 kV. Further, with insulation reisistance voltage level (AC2000 V/ 1 minute), it can be applied to the conditions with high temperature, noise and high voltage.

  • SFP slot is equipped with 2 ports
  • It comes with the redundancy feature by loop configuration.
  • Intelligent function
  • The fan-less design makes the no need for the maintenance parts.
  • This system can be used in environments with high temperature, noise and high voltage.
  • Equipped with our unique bypass function of Real-time Protocol (RTP) and high speed spanning tree protocol
  • Compliant with the B-402 standard for electrical power applications


Item Transmission specification
Switching mode Store and forward
Switch capacity 18.3Gbps
Transmission method Full duplex/ half-duplex
Port configuration 10/100/1000BASE-T 24 ports
(2 ports used as combo-port with SFP port)
100BASE-FX 2 ports Connector in use: 2-core LC connector
Compliant with MMF (Multi-mode Fiber)
Compliant with SMF (Single-mode Fiber)
1000BASE-LX 2 ports Connector in use: 2-core LC connector
Compliant with SMF Maximum length of middle-distance SMF: 10 km Maximum length of long-distance SMF: 40 km
1000BASE-BX 2 ports Connector in use: 1-core LC connector
Compliant with SMF Maximum length of middle-distance SMF: 10 km Maximum length of long-distance SMF: 40 km
Abnormal output terminal One contact (shared with the serial port)
MAC address capacity 16,000 pieces
Flow control IEEE802.3x (full duplex), back pressure (half-duplex)
Path switching function Support protocol Improved spanning tree protocol (RTP)
Standard spanning tree protocol
(RSTP/STP: IEEE802.1w and IEEE802.1d)
Network configuration Ring or mesh (RTP: ring only, multi-ring compliant)
Path switching operation time RTP: Within 500 ms (64 nodes, when using 1000BASE-BX)
RSTP: Several seconds
STP: Several seconds to several tens of seconds
Multicast support IGMP snooping
VLAN IEEE802.1q-compliant; Tag/port base VLAN
A maximum of 256 groups can be configured
Filtering function Short packet and long packet
FCS error packet and symbol error packet
Packet priority control IEEE802.1p-compliant, 8 levels
Network management SNMPv1 (RFC1157 compliant), MIB-II, TRAP function
Network operation telnet、http、ICMP、IP
Storm suspension function Arrangeable by setting to broadcast, multicast or disposal of packets with no specific destination
Support function Gratuitous ARP, collective collection of log information
Serial console EIA/TIA-232-E-compliant D-sub 9pin
Storing setting, writing and updating firmware Via Web (http) or serial port
Item Environment specification
Type UT220/□□2A
(□□: Depending on types (01 to 07 and 11 to 17)
Mains connector 3P inlet type (AC)/ 2P terminal block (DC)
Power supply voltage range AC85V-242V47-63Hz/DC80V-143V
Power consumption(during operation) Approx. 32 W (AC100 V)/ Approx. 33 W (DC110 V)
Operating temperature range(during operation) 0-55°C
Withstand voltage(power source primary and FG) AC 2000 V for 1 minute
Insulation resistance 5 MΩ or more at DC500 V
Power source immunity Rectangular impulse noise 2 kV 50 ns/1 µs
Mass Approx. 2.8 kg
External dimensions(mm) W420×H43×D280 (without projection)
Applicable standard Compliant with standard for electric power B-402 (excluding rush current)

Intelligent function

Loop configuration, VLAN and packet priority control function are equipped as intelligent functions and networking through IP multicast and network management function (SNMP/MIB II) is realized. In addition, packet monitor through mirroring of ports is possible.

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