Inverter for textile machinery THYFREC VT630
Slim inverter for textile machinery THYFREC VT630MS

Low voltage motor driveInverter for textile machinery

Dedicated inverter specially for textile applications

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Product Features

It could control PM motor for textile machinery (self-starting PM motor) as a drive.
As the special function required for textile machinery, measures against instant power failure (instantaneous power failure pick-up), traverse operation, counter output (6f), and low speed/ high speed pattern operation are equipped as standard equipment.
In addition, THYFREC VT630MS is the cassette type in which an active line attachment/detachment draw out system is adopted; thus instant replacement with a stand-by unit is possible when the inverter malfunctions.
Transmission functions including serial interface and PROFIBUS interface are equipped.

  • Many deficated functions for textile machinery
  • V/f (constant torque) control mode is adopted.
  • High precision control is realized while in the open loop.
  • Slim type using the draw-out system (in case of VT630S)
  • A maximum of 16 units are housed in one panel (in case of VT630S)

Applications and Solutions

Many customers have adopted self-starting PM motors and inverters for synthetic textile machines applicable to synthetic fiber line systems.
In textile machines, AC variable speed has been used for a long time, and especially machines in the textile production line of long fiber spinning facilities, from gear pumps to winders, are individually driven.
As seen in the configuration example of machines in the long fiber spinning process, the number of spindles per machine is large, and dozens of small AC motors are used.


Inverter for textile machinery
Slim type inverter for textile machinery
Applied motor 6.2-250kVA 3.8-50kVA
Max. continuous rated current 200 V series: 18 to 288 A 200 V series: 11 to 144 A
400 V series: 9 to 360 A 400 V series: 5.5 to 72 A
Overload capacity 150% 1 minute 150% 1 minute

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Drive system

VT630 is a unit based on a "multiple driving system" and has 200 V series: 100 kVa and 400 V series: 250 kVa. VT630MS is a unit based on an "individual driving system," It is the cassette type and hot-line connectable draw-out type.model. When the inverter malfunctions, instant replacement with a stand-by unit is possible. It improves the packaging density of the housing panel due to the inverter's compact size.

Quick reference table

This is a quick reference table showing the ranges of each series motor voltage and capacity . Just one look, you could see our offerings.

AC motor drive

Category Models Voltage Output(kw)
Low voltage motor drive

High performance and for general purpose

THYFREC VT240S 200 V /
400 V Series

PM servo driver


High speed response


For textile machines


For elevators

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