MEIDENSHA Heritage Our inherited spirit and belief toward to the future

The history of Meidensha, started through the big dream of one young man.
See the dream and drive that have been passed down to us, even 120 years after
the beginning of the company.

120 years ago. One young man had a dream.

This young man’s name was Hosui Shigemune. To fulfill that dream, he founded Meidensha in 1897.

With the spirit of duty“for the world, for the people”

He believed very strongly that he would support the lives of anyone who used his products and his technology would better the world.

For him, the character “sha” in the company name Meidensha held special meaning.

”To enrich the world with the power of electricity”

A place where our colleagues share the same dream.

Now, even after spreading its wings across the world as the infrastructure corporation Meiden Group, the meaning held within that character has not changed.

To live life with the infrastructure you had come expect into a global standard. Along with our colleagues across the world who share the same dream, we will advance the future.

We are all Meidensha.


Hosui Shigemune

Housui Shigemune
1873 - 1917 Founder of MEIDENSHA.
Born in 1873 in what is presently Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
After coming to Tokyo at 14, he worked as an apprentice at an electrical machinery manufacturing plant and studied at engineering school at night. He established MEIDENSHA on December 22, 1897 and developed equipment such as domestic three phase induction motors. This was the foundation of MEIDENSHA who became known as "The Motor expert Meiden." Hosui Shigemune died in 1917.