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News Releases 2020Meiden Introduces 145kV Dead Tank HV Circuit Breaker without SF6 Gas

Tokyo Japan April 6, 2020 - Meidensha Corporation ("MEIDEN") is pleased to announce the newest addition to their line of dry air insulated vacuum circuit breakers. Using dry air as the insulating medium, Meiden's HV breakers offers the industry a solution to SF6, a potent greenhouse gas according to climate change professionals.

Meiden's second circuit breaker design follows the 72kV class which was introduced in 2004 to global utility and industrial users. Designed with dedication to the environment and safety for all personnel, over 800 units have been supplied with proven reliable performance to the North American market alone.

Some of the characteristics of the environmentally friendly 145kV VCB include;

  • Dead Tank Design
  • Tested to ANSI, IEEE and IEC Standards
  • 40kA Interrupting Capability
  • Up to 3150 Amperes
  • Spring Motor
  • Composite or Porcelain Bushings
  • Fully Assembled for Shipment
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Dry Air Insulated
  • Bushing Mounted Current Transformers

Meiden will manufacture the 72kV and 145kV class breakers in their new southeastern US facility beginning in late 2020.

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