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Dry Air Insulated Dead Tank Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Available in 38, 72.5 and 145kV

Meiden’s dead tank vacuum circuit breakers (VCB) are engineered with the climate in mind; dry air is the insulating medium, eliminating the need for potent SF6 or other greenhouse gases.

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Product Features

Meiden’s dead tank vacuum circuit breakers are the optimal switching equipment for the green grid. These breakers utilize dry air as an insulating medium in place of SF6, a potent greenhouse gas. Sustainably designed and emissions-free, these high-performance VCBs are capable of approximately five times more mechanical operations and four times more interruptions of rated breaking current than standard gas-insulated circuit breakers.

With the founding of Meiden America Switchgear (MAS) in Greenville, South Carolina, Meiden’s DT VCB products will now be assembled in the United States!

Video Introduction to VCB

Meiden America Switchgear is a subsidiary of Meidensha Corporation. Meidensha has been producing 72.5 kV dry-air insulated vacuum circuit breakers since 2004 and has been producing vacuum interrupter bottles since 1967. Meidensha corporation was founded in 1897.


For dead tank vacuum circuit breaker specifications, please download our product brochures.

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