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News Releases 2017Meidensha 120th Anniversary

Meidensha Corporation, of which Meiden Singapore is a subsidiary, will celebrate its 120th anniversary on 22nd December 2017. We wish to convey our sincerest gratitude to our customers as our success story remains incomplete without their support all along our history.

Meidensha was founded by Housui Shigemune in 1897 as a manufacturer of Japan-made electric motors, which had later become a preferred brand known as “Meiden Motors”. Since then, the company has contributed to the development of Japan with its electrical engineering technologies.

Celebratory Outlook for 2017

Starting in January 2017, Meidensha will hold various anniversary projects. These projects include creation of a commemorative logo, concept words, original poem by Japan’s most legendary poet, Shuntaro Tanigawa, and some other events to be held. The start of the 120th year is also the beginning of a new history towards realization of a more prosperous tomorrow.

Our Promise

We, as a company which bears the responsibility of supporting not only social infrastructure but also people’s lives, will continue to work hard each day in creating innovative ideas and to offer new technologies and values.

Visit the Meidensha 120th Anniversary Portal Site 

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