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They have been adopted in i-MiEV manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation since 2009.

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Product Features

We supply the motor and the inverter that are used in the electric vehicle "i-MiEV," of which Mitsubishi Motors Corporation started mass production in 2009 as a world first. Our products achieved reducing size and weight, high efficiency, low noise.
Our experience and technology are useful for the high reliability withstanding vehicle mounting. We are developing the drive system for the next generation vehicle, for example drives using SiC module.

  • Reducing size and weight
  • High efficiency
  • Low noise
  • High reliability for withstanding the severe condition at vehicle mounting

Case Study

Reduction Gear Box with integrated EV motor


Reduction Gear Box with integrated EV motor

Our company is developing EV/HEV driving systems. As a part of our development, we made "Reduction Gear Box with integrated EV motor" as a test model.
We integrated reduction gear box with 100kW motor and used giar oil to cool the motor. We achived reducing size of the unit. Reducing size and weight which is achieved by reducing the parts enable to mount the unit on vehicle easily.
We will also keep developing new products to answer customer's needs.

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