Renewal of a complete set of Hydraulic turbine
Renovation of the stator coil
Renovation of the rotor coil
The wholly-impregnated resin insulation method

Hydroelectric power systemsRenovation of Hydroelectric Power Plants

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Renewal of the guide vane to an electric operating design
Replacement of the thrust bearings for a vertical shaft type generator
Renewal of the thrust bearing to the latest design based on the new material technologies
Renewal of the brake to an electromagnetic design
Multi-function type digital relay (MG80S2-C03)

Many of hydroelectric power plants are aged due to a longtime operation. It is effective to renovate them using the methods best fit for each power plant. We will investigate and review each plant and will make a renovation proposal on the basis of the latest technologies. The benefits from such renovation are shown as follows.

  • Improvement of efficiency and energy saving
  • Improvement of reliability and maintainability
  • Environmental harmony

Applications and Solutions

With changes in operating conditions or water flow conditions since the time of construction, hydraulic turbine performance might have become ineffective. We review the current operating and flow conditions in detail and propose a replacement to a newly designed and most effective turbine runner to improve the performance and hence increase the power output.
For small and medium capacity generators, we propose to replace the entire stator assembly, including the coils, iron core, and stator frame, with a new assembly produced under a wholly-impregnated resin insulation method. The wholly-impregnated resin insulation method has an excellent humidity resistance, long heat resistant life, and excellent insulation characteristics without a seam in the coil insulation layer.
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