Yonekurayama solar park plant
Kumamoto Ichibu solar power plant
Yamanashi Mega Solar (Kai)
Yamanashi Mega Solar (Nirasaki)

Photovoltaic power systemsLarge-scale photovoltaic power generating system

Feed-in tariff scheme has been available since July 2012 and renewable energy including solar power generation has been rapidly introduced.
Meidensha Corporation designs solar systems effectively utilizing power conditioner (PCS) performance as a system integrator familiar with power conditioner, which is the key of the system. In addition, with experience and quality cultivated by constructing social infrastructure as a heavy electric manufacturer, we offer safe and secure photovoltaic power generating systems for a long period of time, .

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  • Proposal based on accumulated know-how
  • Batch contract for various reports
  • Optimal design as a manufacturer familiar with power conditioners
  • Providing power receiving and distribution facilities manufactured with own design and manufacturing
  • Batch contract including soil improvement, installation of panel and delivery/installation of device
  • Our Customer Center responds 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergency

Flow for construction of photovoltaic power plant

We provide comprehensive support that covers the process from developing business plans, production of machinery and equipment, construction, through operation and maintenance.
Meidensha Corporation as a heavy electric manufacturer is familiar to the power system and securely provides interconnection systems with electric power companies.

Equipment constituting photovoltaic power generating system

Solar cell
This is a device in which solar radiation energy from the sun is converted to direct current electric energy. We propose an optimal solar battery according to customer's installation conditions, including polycrystalline solar cells providing high cost-effectiveness and CIGS solar cells, which are resistant to shadow and have increased transformation efficiency rapidly in recent years.
Connection box and current collecting box
This is a device that collects wires from the solar cell and connects to the power conditioner effectively. In recent years, demand for connection boxes equipped with a string monitor that monitors the status of solar cells is increasing. The connection box has the role of performing selective trip, which interrupts only sites where an accident has occurred in the case of an accident.
Power conditioner
This is a device that converts the direct power from the solar cell to AC power for system interconnection. The power conditioner needs to be highly efficient. In addition, monitoring system status and advanced communication functions are important roles of the power conditioner.
step-up transformer
This is a device that boosts 400 V series electric power output from the power conditioner to 6.6 kV. In recent years, demand for the top-runner type having high transformation efficiency has been increasing.
Power receiving facility
This is a facility equipped with a protective device required for connecting to commercial systems and isolating the circuit in case of accident. This facility also plays the role of supplying the required electric power during periods when no electric power is generated, including night time.
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