Multifunctional flocculant powder
Multifunctional flocculant powder
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Industrial wastewater treatment systemsMultifunctional flocculant powder

Multifunctional flocculant powder is a new type flocculant powder and its use is suitable for treatment of waste liquid of water paint or polymer latexes. With the solid-liquid separation, characteristics of flocculating efficiency, formed flock with little viscosity, and excellent dehydration performance appears instantly. Please give it a try and find the difference that this powder makes.


  • Easy to handle.
    It is possible to add powder directly to the waste fluid and stir.
  • Response speed is quick.
    It quickly shapes the flock that does not break easily.
  • This only one powder can handles from "condensation" to "flocculation"
    The chemical injection process can be shortened and it can realize cost saving and space saving.
  • Two flock types are available.
    It is possible to select either "coagulation settling type" or "coagulation floating type" and mix them.

Pre-introduction Issues and the effects of introduction

Example of use

Example of water quality analysis

  Before treatment After treatment Solid object
COD(cr)(mg/L) 15,840 1,260
Concentration of solids (%) 0.98 0.06
Water content (%) 84.6
  • * Measured value is an analysis example in the our internal waste fluid treatment implemented by Meiden.

Example of our powder application to the paint booth using water paint

Abundant line-ups

For waste liquid of water paint...PB series

Transfer to water paint due to restriction of volatile organic compound (VOC) is in progress.
Unconventional treatment is required for waste fluid of water paint.

For barrel polishing liquid...
BA series

Large quantities of surfactant of polishing compound, oil content and polishing aid adhered to metals and processed product are mixed, making treatment of waste fluid difficult.

For resin waste fluid...
LX series

Latex waste fluid, which is produced during process of various industrial products, adhesives and rubber products including rubber gloves, may have high viscosity: thus daily control is burdensome.

Case Study