Indoor machine suitable for use in buildings and package storage
Slim outdoor machine with volume reduced by 29% compared to conventional models
Package type suitable for use in salt-afflicted areas and cold areas.

Photovoltaic power systemsPower conditioner for solar power generation

No. 1 transformation efficiency in the industry with safe and secure built-in transformer!
Up to DC750V can be input and 100kW machine (SP310) is newly introduced

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Product Features

Merits of the DC750 system
Selection of optimal PCS capacity
Safe and secure built-in transformer
Grid operation with the emergency power generator is possible even when the mains failure occurs
In addition, autonomous operation with solar power generation only is possible

The power conditioner (PCS) is the key of the system. We have consistently provided a built-in transformer PCS with its built-in commercial frequency insulation transformer, placing importance on safety and security.
For SP310, up to 750V, which is the upper limit of the low pressure direct current, can be input. This is a "user friendly" PCS "reflecting on-site voices" as it contributes to the reduction of system costs through optimum PCS capacity by use of a 100kW machine.

  • Usable up to 750V (upper limit of low voltage direct current), and reduction of system cost is realized.
  • Safe and secure built-in transformer effective for PID measures
  • Slim outdoor panel that reduces volume by 29% and floor area by 35% (our comparison)
  • Power generation is possible with the emergency power generator connection function (optional) even when the mains failure occurs.
  • Equipped with autonomous operation function that be operated with solar power generation alone when the mains failure occurs. (Shipping starts in March 2015)

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Type SP310-
Direct current input Supply voltage range 400V-750V
MPPT working voltage range 400V-750V
Maximum supply voltage 750V
Number of input circuits Maximum of 2 circuits (maximum cable size: 325 sq)
AC output Electric type Three-phase three-wire system
Isolation method Commercial frequency insulation transformer type
Rated output power 250kW(250kVA) 100kW(100kVA)
Rated output voltage 420V/440V
Rated output current 344A/328A 138A/132A
Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Current distortion factor 3% or less at each phase, 5% or less in total (during rated operation)
Output power factor Delay: 0.99 or more (during rated operation)
Number of output circuits Maximum of 2 circuits
(maximum cable size: 325 sq)
Maximum of 2 circuits
(maximum cable size: 200 sq)
Transformation efficiency 96.5% or more (during rated operation, including likelihood of JEC)
Installation environment Installation site Indoor Outdoor* Indoor Outdoor*
Protection level IP20 IP44 IP20 IP44
Allowable ambient temperature -5°C - +40°C -10°C - +40°C -5°C - +40°C -10°C - +40°C
Allowable ambient humidity
(no condensation)
5%-85% 5%-100% 5%-85% 5%-100%
Dimension and weight Dimensions
(width x height x depth)
(excluding the fan part)
(depth of ceiling: 1700 mm)
(excluding the fan part)
(depth of ceiling: 1700 mm)
Approximate mass 2050kg 2700kg 1200kg 1800kg
Display and communication functions Operation screen(door) LCD (2-digit display)
External communication RS485 (2-wire), our protocol (compliant with Modbus-RTU)
Compliance standards Electric Power Conversion System for Grid Interconnection of Distributed Energy Resources (JEC 2470-2005)
Grid Connection Standard (JEAC 9701-2012)

" SP100 series" compliant with IEC62109-1

Our product lineup includes the SP100 series compliant with IEC standards as safety standards. We provide power conditioner for overseas areas requiring application of these standards.

  • High transformation efficiency (maximum efficiency: 98.0%)
  • Space saving (floor area: 0.96 m2)
  • Supports high-function remote monitoring system through Ethernet
  • Compliant with safety standard IEC62109-1
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