About UsPresident's Message

Yuji Hamasaki

During 120 years since our founding in 1897, we, as a vital supplier in Japan, have made various innovations in technologies and produced various important products and services and Meiden Group has been working hard in a daily level to contribute to society. Our daily activities are reflections our challenging spirits that we would like to live up to the expectations of our customers and society. There also lies “our passion for collaborative manufacturing excellence.”

We value:

- "Power of being in Touch", which refers to the deep level of communication across the wide spectrum of networks with our customers and across-the-board co-operation among Meiden Group companies.

- “Agility”, which refers to our ability to respond quickly and flexibly to meet the needs and solve the problems of our customers

- “Sharing the Sense of Responsibility” in support of the social infrastructure.

In so doing, we aim to make a company group trusted by our customers and society.

Meiden Group commenced our new medium-term management plan, “V120”, in 2015. This is a plan to make our very best year in fiscal 2017 – our 120th anniversary year. We aim to further increase our corporate value by solidly implementing policies that fit with the reality of our management environments going forward and by realizing both "Beef up the Revenue Bases of Businesses at Home” and "Grow Overseas." We ask all shareholders, as well as our customers and business partners for their continuing support and advice.