Ecotank type VCB

Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB)Ecotank Type Vacuum Circuit Breaker (Dry Air Insulation)

This is an environmentally-friendly vacuum circuit breaker (VCB). Considering the climate change, we made VCB with totally SF6 gas-free and resource and energy saving features.

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Product Features

Comparison of our gas-less tank VCB and ecotank VCB (72kV-1200A-25kA-66M porcelain tube)

Dead Tank Type VCB optimized for green procurement. It uses dry air for insulation in place of the SF6 which is specified as a greenhouse gas. Our basic design concept is to realize the environmental factors in design (The 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) + LS (Longuse & Separable)) and life-cycle cost (LCC) reduction as basic concepts.

  • [Reduce] No use of SF6 gas (a greenhouse gas), reduction of eddy current loss by adopting an aluminum tank, reduction of mass by using aluminum materials, and compact design.
  • [Reuse / Recycle] Reuse of non-rusting and non-corrosive components (reuse of the aluminum and copper materials)
  • [Long Use] Longer operational life by adopting the VCB
    Long operational life without requiring the repair paint work as it uses the aluminum materials
  • [Separable] Ease of decomposition and collection (no need to collect SF6 gas by collection equipment , no need for SF6 gas reprocessing)

Applications and Solutions

  • 36/72/84 kV VCB (for Japan Market ) - compliant with the JEC-2300 Standard (for AC circuit breakers).
  • 36/72.5 kV (for overseas markets ) - compliant with IEC 62271-100-2008 and ANSI C37.06-2009.


Type and rating

Type NBOA-60532BA
Rated voltage (kV) 72 84
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (kV) 350 400
Rated current (A) 1200 2000 1200 2000
Rated frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated short circuit breaker current (kA) 31.5※
Rated transient recovery voltage (kV/µs) 0.75
Rated contact opening time (s) 0.03
Rated interrupting time (starting time to ending time) 3
Standard operatino duty A (O - 1 min - CO - 3 min - CO), B (CO - 15 sec - CO), R (O - 0.35 sec - CO - 1 min - CO)
Contact closing time (s) 0.13
Rated closing operation voltage (V) DC 100/110
Rated control voltage (V) DC 100/110
Rated air pressure (MPa-g) 0.5 (dry air) (20°C)
Operation system Electric energy storing for energizing spring,  spring injection, and spring interruption
Applicable standards JEC-2300(1998)
  • * We can provide 40 kA model.
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