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HJ1001 SD8

ProductsBattery Charge / Discharge System HJ Series

HJ Series offers various function-specific models applicable to various measurements for Battery basic research etc.
HJ-SD8 Series can provide the half-cell measurement by 3-electrode-method using the reference electrode and can provide the each characteristics evaluation test on positive and negative material (on independent four terminal and realizing the high input impedance).

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Minimum Discharge Voltage can be set till -2V and can conduct the complete discharge test.
The PC connected to HJ series, it can perform the multi-channel simultaneous test and various battery characteristics data analysis.


  • Independent 8-channel charge and discharge control.
  • Minimum data sampling time interval is 10 ms.
  • Equipped with transient recorder function that collects the transient data at 10 ms.
    (at a moment of switching to discharge mode from charge mode during long-hour measurement.)
  • Equipped with CC-CV operation which has digital control for minimum overshoot.
  • Auto-select for current range.
  • The digital filter reduces noise.
    (It can function at the setting of more than 500ms data saving time interval.)
  • Equipped with Constant Power Control mode and Constant Resistance Control mode.
  • The system status, measurement progress and pre-set measurement conditions can see on one screen.
  • Capability to program maximum 20steps and 50patterns.
  • Equipped with jump function which repeats the continuous few patterns.
  • Equipped with High speed multi-step function:
    1step-20stages(max) and 1stage can set at 10ms(minimum)
  • Capability to control the maximum 16 units (128 channels) by using the server PC and client PC.
  • *One PC System can control 6 units (48 channels) maximum.


Type HJ1001SD8 HJ1005SD8 HJ1010SD8
Channel Number 8ch
Setting Independent setting every each channel
Control Voltage -2-10V
Current ±1A ±5A ±10A
Step time 0.1 sec -100 days (resolution 0.1sec)
Range Voltage 10V
Current 1A, 100mA, 10mA,
1mA, 100µA, Auto
5A, 500mA, 50mA,
5mA, 500µA, Auto
10A, 1A, 100mA,
10mA, 1mA, Auto
Control method CC, CC/CV, CP, CP/CV, CR (at discharge mode)
Communication Connect to PC by Ethernet
Control accuracy Voltage ±0.05% of control ±1mV
Current ±0.05% of control ±0.05%F.S. (over 10% of F.S.)
Voltage ±0.05% of reading ±1mV
Current ±0.05% of reading ±0.05%F.S.
Protective circuit overvoltage / overcurrent / voltage line disconnection detection
Power voltage AC100 - 240V single phase (*1) AC200-240Vsingle phase
Power consumption 350VA 1000VA 2500VA
(W×H×D mm)
434×225×500 434×225×635 434×597(*2)×450
Weight 19kg 30kg 50kg
  1. *1The attached power supply cable is AC100V use only.
  2. *2It includes a caster. (It is 550mm only body)
  • *It cannot let HJ-SD8H series mix with HJ-SD8 series in the same system.
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