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ProductsPotentiostat / Galvanostat HA Series

HA-151B is a portable type potentiostat.

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  • Portable type of low cost, small size and light weight
  • Maximum output ±15V, ±1A
  • While a small enclosure, it is equipped with the basic functions of PGS necessary to electrochemical measurement
  • Ideal for education and introductory electrochemical


As a potensiostat
Maximum output voltage ±15V
Maximum current ±1A
Current means ranges ±1A, ±100mA, ±10mA, ±1mA, ±100µA, ±10µA(6 ranges)
Maximun control potential ±10V
Internal setting potential ±2V
Internal setting accuracy 0.5% (setting value) ±3mV
External control accuracy < ±3mV
Response time < 50µsec
Reference input resistant > 1010 Ω
Reference bias current < 10-10 A
Temperature coefficient 30µV/°C
As a galvanostat
Maximum output current ±1A
Maximum output voltage ±15V
Current setting range ±1A, ±100mA, ±10mA, ±1mA, ±100µA, ±10µA(6 ranges)
Current setting accuracy < 1%
Response time < 50µsec
As an electrometer
Input resistance > 1010 Ω
Reference bias current < 10-10 A
Response time < 10µsec
Conversion accuracy < ±10.1%
Potential display range 110V, 2V
Power requirement AC100V ±10%, 50 - 60Hz, 100VA
Physical dmentions 220(W)×100(H)×360(D) mm
Weight 7.7Kg
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