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HZ-Pro S12

ProductsHZ-Pro Series

The multi-electrochemical measurement system HZ-Pro is a modular multi-channel electrochemical measurement system for various electrochemical measurements such as battery evaluation tests, material evaluation tests, corrosion tests, and analysis tests. In addition, the following functions can be added by connecting the AUX terminal attached to this system to an external device. (Optional cables, etc. are required.)

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  • Operation interlocking between devices using digital input/output (DI/DO) signals
  • Capture of external device data by analog input (AI) and control of this system
  • Voltage and current data output by analog output (AO)
  • Equipment error signal output to external equipment

Key Specifications

  • Available in 10V/500mA.
  • Optional 10V/5A Booster board.
  • Electrochemical Impedance measurement of 10uHz to 10MHz.
  • External 6V/100A Booster.
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