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Testing ServicesFacility Information

Our state-of-the-art facility provides an advanced monitoring and progress control setup with a secure server and communication system. Enclosed control rooms maintain customer confidentiality and accommodations for customer personnel and meetings are also available.

We offer the following services to our testing clients:
  • Testing time availability with 24/7 operation
  • Fast delivery of data and written reports
  • All instrumentation needed for each test cell
  • All types of fuels needed for engine testing
  • Latest models of equipment manufactured by our factory
  • Flexibility and quick response to new technology needs
Test cells are equipped with the following:
  • Card access controlled for customer confidentiality
  • Advanced customer video monitoring via a secure data connection
  • Liquid fuel delivery
  • Meiden Data Acquisition and Control System
  • Process water for engine and auxiliary test article cooling
  • Engine exhaust extraction system
  • Direct Exchange cooling constant volume ventilation systems capable of 100% recirculated, mixed, or 100% fresh outside air

All Engine/Powertrain test cells has AC Dynamometers (up to 600 kW), and some test cells also contains Emission measuring capacity.

NVH Driveline / Component Test Cell is equipped with:
  • 5-ton overhead bridge crane
  • Hemi- Anechoic Cell (42 dB Noise Floor, 170 Hz Cutoff Frequency)
  • Meiden PM Dynamometers

Meiden test cells are adjacent to a high bay test prep area that allows for test article preparation, inspection, and teardown outside of the test cell. The high bay area is equipped with a 20-ton crane to easily facilitate the movement of test equipment and engines during test preparation. The facility is also equipped with a lockable confidential storage area to assure our customers that their test article will be secure at all times.

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