Construction work of wastewater treatment plant for a sugar refinery factory in Okinawa prefecture, Japan
100 Cubic Meter MBR wastewater treatment capacity facility

Plant construction and Erection Works Construction work of wastewater treatment plant

Since the Corporate's efforts against environment programs are subject of drawing strong attention, it is good time opportunity to increase your corporate value by making 'green act'. We do have long engineering experience and supply records to solve Client's wastewater issues you can count on. We will propose the optimized processing method to solve the customer's concerns from various type of waste water. Beginning from primary consulting service with waste water quality analysis and offer to execute full package contract including civil,architectural, mechanical, and electrical engineering, construction and installation works. We also offer "one-stop technical support services" to remote monitor, facility operation and maintenance service. these wasterwater processing project services are available for Oversea especially in South East Asia countries Please feel free to contact us.

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  • Let us take care the full package from planning,engineering, production, to the construction of the wastewater treatment facility.
  • We will propose the best treatment method to fullfill various types of wastewaters.
  • We can propose a space-saving compact wastewater processing facility by using the ceramic flatsheet membrane units developed and productizationed by our company.
  • We also would like to propose a operation and maintenance utilizing a remote monitoring device using the mobile communication networks.
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