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ProductsVacuum Circuit Breaker

MEIDEN vacuum circuit breaker (VCB) employs a proven vacuum interrupter (VI) with excellent interrupting efficiency. It has passed a series of type-tests and is designed, tested and manufactured in accordance with IEC and BS standards under rigorous controls. We are equipped with a very sophisticated and flexible manufacturing setup to make VCB that can withstand operating current up to 2000A. The four major types of VCB and one GIS model are as follow:

Major Types of VCB and GIS

  Vacuum Gas
Type VJ-12 VJ-12B* VJ-13 VJ-22 VGC-22
Rated Voltage (kV) 12 15 24 24
Rated Normal Current (A) 630/1250 630/1250/2000 1250/2000 630/1250/2000 1250
Rated Short-Circuit Breaking Current (kA) 25 31.5 25 25
Rated Short-Circuit Withstand Current (kA) 25 - 3 sec 31.5 - 3 sec 25 - 3 sec 25 - 3 sec
Rated Break Time (ms) 60 70 70
Rated Opening Time (ms) 40 50 50
Closing Time (ms) 50 50
Rated Operating Sequence (ms) O - 0.3S - CO - 3 min - CO 0 - 0.3S - CO-3 min - CO
Rated Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage (kV peak) 75 95 125 125
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50/60 50/60
Rated Transient Recovery Voltage kV/ms 0.34 0.39 0.47 0.47
Mass (Kg) 120/140 145/175/245 185/245 230/250/305 600
  • *VJ-12B supersedes and is downward-compatible with VJ-12A. Certain degree of modifications can be made to the breaker. For example, the maximum operating current of a 630A breaker can be increased to 800A without changing the overall physical size. Manufacturing specialists are trained in Meidensha Corporation in Japan to ensure a high quality is achieved and maintained.

"This high performance VCB conforms to IEC-62271-100 and all primary components employed therein are in accordance to the relevant IEC standards. Furthermore, by incorporating it with SF6 gas insulation, the resulted synergy sets a new dimension with regards to reliability, reduced maintenance and smaller space requirement due to its compact design."

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