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~ Starting the 120th year ~ To be held from July 2017 onwards

MEIDEN EXPO, scheduled to be held in Tokyo, Aichi, Osaka, Thailand and Singapore, is a private technical exhibition of Meidensha, showing its products, systems and services that will support the future infrastructure.

The fourth The Meidensha 120th Anniversary Technical Seminar was held in Singapore on 20 October 2017.

The Technical Seminar was held at Island Ballroom of Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore on 20 October 2017 as a memorial ceremony of Meidensha's 120th anniversary.
The Seminar was held on the themes of the history and latest technology of Meidensha's three businesses, "Products for railway systems" "Water Processing & Environmental Engineering System" and "ICT" that were closely related to Singapore.
We trust that the Seminar ended as an occasion, in which we could express our determination to the guests that Meidensha would continue to support the development of Singapore.
The Meidensha 120th Anniversary Technical Seminar was successfully closed.
All of us at the Meiden Group will continue to work hard for a prosperous future, walking hand in hand with our customers, suppliers and partners.

Technical Seminar in Singapore

Presentation in Singapore on Products for railway systems

Presentation in Singapore on Water Processing & Environmental Engineering System

Presentation in Singapore on ICT

The third The MEIDEN EXPO was held in Bangkok in Thailand on 8 September 2017.

The MEIDEN EXPO, a private technical exhibition, was held at Chadra Ballroom of Siam Kempinski Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, on 8 September 2017 as a memorial ceremony of Meidensha's 120th anniversary and Thai Meidensha's 50th anniversary.

The panels and actual products were on display to showcase the Meiden Group's businesses and products that were deployed mainly in the ASEAN region.There was a corner for the VR safety experience, attracting many guests.
The first anniversary event of the Meiden Group that was held overseas was successfully closed.
Each one of us will continue to work hard to meet customer expectations.
(MEIDEN EXPO Organizing Committee)

MEIDEN EXPO held in Thailand

VR (virtual reality) Safety Experience Training

Product introduction

The second MEIDEN EXPO held in Nagoya on August 4 and in Osaka on August 10.

A MEIDEN EXPO fair was held at WINC AICHI in Nagoya on August 4, and at Knowledge Capital Congrès Convention Center in Osaka on August 10.
Both venues in Nagoya and Osaka combined, there were over 3000 visitors. The events were closed with complete success.
We would like to express our thanks to all the visitors from all across Japan who came all the way to each venue in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.

We take this 120th anniversary year of 2017 as a new start of our history and will continue to strive for a sustainable growth together with our customers towards a more prosperous future by uniting the Meiden Group's qualities through the Group employees' sincerity and flexibility.
All the MEIDEN EXPO staff would like to thank you and hope for your continued understanding and support.

[Nagoya] History Zone

[Nagoya] Presentation method using virtual reality technology

[Osaka] History Zone

[Osaka] Present Zone

The first MEIDEN EXPO Tokyo was held on 18 and 19 July 2017.

MEIDEN EXPO Tokyo, held on 18 and 19 July 2017, was successfully closed with a number of visitors exceeding 3,500 during the two-day event.
In this event were shown Meidensha's technologies, products and services from its foundation to the present day, together with our gratitude to all who have supported the company. Special presentations were also given on various business fields and technical trends.

The next MEIDEN EXPO events will be held in Nagoya on 4 August and then in Osaka on 10 August.

MEIDEN EXPO held in Tokyo

Present Zone,
VR (virtual reality) Safety Experience Training

History Zone


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