Our 120th Anniversary Projects Our 120th Anniversary Projects

For our friends in our local communities For our friends in our local communities

King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Donation Course

An endowed course in the field of engineering and science has been opened at Ladkrabang Campus of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology (KMITL).

The second Internship at Numazu Works in June 2017

Two top-standing students in the endowed course held in August 2016 have taken part in the internship program at Numazu Works.
The program was intended for the interns to know Meidensha businesses better and to have manufacturing experience, including product assembly, use of machine tools, hands-on motor control experience, analytical simulation, etc.
The two students, usually studying theories in college, had on-the-job training experience on the factory shop floor during the program, and learned not only actual work processes, but also the concept of "safety first" based on Meidensha's Corporate Philosophy and how to approach actual work.

The two student intently listening to the instructor during hand-on training of cubicle assembly.

A Certificate of Completion of the Internship was awarded.
Mr. Adisak (left),
Mr. Nishiyama (center), General Manager-Numazu Works,
and Mr. Kanitat (right)

The second term of the endowed course at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang starts in June 2017.

Meidensha will continue supporting students who bear the future of Thailand in their hands.

The First Keynote Lecture has been delivered on topics of power transmission and distribution including maintenance and servicing.

The endowed course was opened as part of the specialized field group activities of 4th-year students of Electrical Engineering Department. Keynote lectures are to be given twice a year by Meidensha’s front-line specialists at KMITL on the latest technology. The first of these lectures was given on topics of power transmission and distribution equipment and the latest basic technology in that field. The lecture, delivered on 26 October 2016 and attended by many students, was aimed for students unfamiliar with T&D equipment in their daily lives and was intended to deepen their knowledge on T&D equipment, its roles and importance in society.

Lecturer, Masayuki Sakaki,
Chief Engineer (back, left),
and students listening
attentively to his presentation.

The state of the keynote lecture was also introduced in news programs in Southeast Asia region.

Indonesia Kompas TV (YouTube)

Cambodia TVK (YouTube)

India ETV (YouTube)

India ANI News (YouTube)

Laos NTL (YouTube)

India DD India (YouTube)

Vietnam VTV (YouTube)


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