Vehicle-mounted electricity generator500 kVA Mobile Genset for The Japan Atomic Power Company

Mobile genset with cable-mounted for low voltage power supply
Merits of introducing our product(s)

- This is a mobile genset for emergency power supply. This car feeds the power to a nuclear power plant when it loses the power supply for the mission critical loads.
- Each four mobile gensets (including one spare mobile genset) are provided for Tokai Nuclear Power Plant No. 2 and nd Tsuruga Nuclear Power Plant.Station. It feeds the power by forming the parallel operation combining two to three gensets.

Background of Introduction

Due to the big size of the cable, if it is mounted in the mobile genset, the total weight exceeds 8 tons. As such, we prepared a deficated car for the cable for use for three power gensets.
We made some innovations such as installing an electrically operated cable drums to a dedicated car for three mobile gensets. It makes cable handling (release and storage) easier. by allowing the in which a cable for three vehicles can be easily unfolded and also stored.

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