Cogeneration and power generation facility for stationary useStationary Gas Engine Power Generation Facility for ThinkPark Tower

Gas engine cogeneration system
Merits of introducing our product(s)

Waste heat is recovered from the cooling water and the exhaust gas, and supplied to the air conditioner with the entire amount of the waste heat being warm water.
During commercial power failure, the CGS facility and the emergency power generation facility can be operated in parallel, supplying power to the protecting load in the building.
The reliability of power supply is improved by supplying power approximately 50% of that in the building using multiple self power generators.
The amount of exhaust NOx is reduced from 500 ppm to 200 ppm (O2 = 0%) (reduction to 100 ppm will be possible in future) by providing a denitration device using urea water.

Background of Introduction

We introduced this facility for reliability of the power supply in office buildings and consideration of the environment.


Rated output: 635 kW
Prime mover: gas engine
Exhaust heat recovery: 2,025 MJ/h (88°C - 83°C) with the entire amount being warm water
Number of facilities: 2 facilities

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