Cogeneration and power generation facility for stationary useESCO Business* for Yamagata University Iida Campus *An ESCO is a company that offers energy services which may include implementing energy-efficiency project

Gas engine Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System
Merits of introducing our product(s)

Large reduction (50%) of the energy utility bill
Reduction of fuel charge for the existing boiler by waste heat recovery of steam and hot water
Contribution to drastic reduction of greenhouse gas as a measure to reduce the environmental footprint.
We target : energy saving rate of about 12% and carbon reduction rate of about 31%.

Background of Introduction

We introduced the CHP System as a part of our the energy-efficiency program at our ESCO business. This is to save energy and improve the economics.


Rated output: 1,050 kW
Prime mover: Gas engine
Waste heat boiler: 0.75 t/h (0.78 MPa)
Number of units: 2
Exhaust heat recovery type hot-and-chilled-water generator (dedicated for cooling)
Cooling capacity: 210 RT
Chilled water temperature: 7°C to 12°C (CHP waste hot water 88°C to 83°C (39 m 3/h))

Products and services in use for this case study