All-surface ultra-thin type AGV (3MS Series and Ultra-low-platform AGV: 2ATB Type)Build the Effective Production Lines for Electronic Parts Manufacturing Factory

Consolidate the scattered carrier transfer works by using AGV
Merits of introducing our product(s)

In an electric parts factory where the product variety change or the production volume increase/decrease happens frequently, AGVs are suitable since the factory layout change happens all the time and AGVs do not call for the fixed facility. This time, we shipped two units of ultra-low platform tow-type AGV and a total system to automatically controls these two AGVs.
Streamline multiple prodution stage AGV's transfer works
Save space as AGV and factory people can use the same passway.
The AGV can work for 24 hours using its automatic charging function.

Background of Introduction

Consolidate carrier transportation works

Each production step requires the carrier transfer works and such transfers occur at the scattered places. The multiple people have to spend their time and labor on such transfer works.
There is a case where some production step happen at the two separate buildings which makes sharing information on the pre- or post- production step informatino difficult.

AGV Navi

For details, please refer to our "AGV Navi" (a special website) that introduces our automatic guided vehicles.

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