Compact digital automatic voltage regulator that can be easily stored in switchgear

Digital AVRAutomatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) for Brushless Generator

Digital automatic voltage regulator (Model: YNEX06D)

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Product Features

The digital automatic voltage regulator "model:YNEX06D" is a high functional AVR with synchronous detection function, automatic synchronous input function, and smooth starting function as voltage establishment control while maintaining the functions of the conventional analog automatic voltage regulator. It can also be used in a dual system by using two of our regulators. Realizing smaller footprint and reducing cost of the switchgear are possible because of a variety of built-in options. Please contact us when newly installing or renovating a power generation facility.

  • Capable of duplicating by using two of our regulators
  • Built-in smooth start function as voltage establishment control
  • Synchronous detection function and automatic synchronous input function can be optionally installed
  • Communication function can be optionally installed

Applications and Solutions

The above products are sold in conjunction with our generators and shall not be sold independently.



Item Specifications
Main circuit element IGBT
Control system PID control
Weight 7.8kg
Control power supply voltage
(dual power supply)
DC power source Input: DC 24 V, 3 A or less
AC power source Input: AC 110 V, 40 Hz to 240 Hz, 0.7 A or less
Output contact capacity of power source failure Load current 150 mA or less, AC 5 V to 240 V, DC 5 V to 125 V
Rated input voltage AC 110 V or AC 220 V, 40 Hz to 240 Hz
Rated output current DC20A
Bus line VT AC 110 V, 0.5 VA or less
Generator VT AC 110 V, 0.5 VA or less
Generator CT AC 5 V, 0.5 VA or less
Operating temperature -20°C to 60°C (hot start)
Relative humidity 95% RH or less, no condensation
Storage temperature -20-70°C
Altitude 1,000 m or less
Cooling system Natural air cooling

List of functions

Item Specifications
Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) Range of voltage control (90R) 90-110%
Accuracy of voltage control Within ±0.5%
Full stroke time 60 sec
Automatic field current regulation(AIFR) Range of field current control (70E) 0-130%
Accuracy of field current control Within ±0.5%
Full stroke time 60 sec
Voltage establishment control function Smooth starting method 0 sec to 100 sec
Step starting method -
Cross flow compensation function Set range 0-10%
V/Hz function Voltage droop method Set value (setting a release point) 70% to 100% (default 85%)
Field overcurrent function(76E) Operation value 105-130%
Power factor control and reactive power control functions
(APFR and AQR)
Q = A + BP method
Set range of Item A -1.0-1.0PU
Set range of Item B -0.7-0.7cosφ
Accuracy of reactive power control Within ±2%
Accuracy of power factor control Within ±2%
Reactive power limitation function(VARL) Overcurrent limitation (OCL), overexcitation limitation (OEL), underexcitation limitation (UEL)
Setting of the OCL interface 0-100%
Setting of the delay side Maximum of 10 points
Setting of the advancing side Maximum of 10 points
Option Diode failure detection function of the exciter (DFDR)
Line drop compensation function (LDC), voltage compensation rate 0% to 10%
Power stabilization function (PSS), 3 advance and delay / 4 advance and delay (default: 3 advance and delay)
Automatic synchronous input function
Synchronous detection function
Dual function (serial connection, 480.6 KB fixed)
Communication function (PROFIBUS DP) *1
  1. *1PROFIBUS DP is the trademark or registered trademark of PROFIBUS User Organization.
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