Diesel engine cogeneration system
Diesel engine driven power generating device for stationary use

Power Generating Systems Cogeneration and power generation facility for stationary use

Cogeneration and power generation facility for stationary use

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Product Features

It is a cogeneration system to recover waste heat by a diesel engine driven generator. We provide an optimal system that meets customers' needs.

  • Making the machines that are necessary for operation into an all-in package
  • Implementation by controller of generator instant overload prevention measures during momentary drop of power or power failure of commercial power supply
  • Standard line-up of two types, cooling by fan with an engine shaft and cooling by cooling tower that is installed separately from the package
  • Capable of operation, measurement, status display, and failure display using a board surface touch panel

Case Study

Applications and Solutions

The cogeneration system is a system that has spread in recent years as the economical use of energy (energy saving) in hotels, hospitals, factories, etc.
It is a system for using energy effectively by driving the generator by an engine (diesel / gas engine / gas turbine) and recovering the waste heat of the high temperature heat energy (exhaust gas and cooling water) generated by the engine while supplying power.



Other power generation facilities for stationary use

We provide an optimal power generation facility according to the capacity upon the customer's request, as well as the standard cogeneration system. Diesel engines, gas engines, and gas turbines are applicable to the motor.

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