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It secures important data in a computer against viruses.

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Product Features

It is antivirus and Internet security software which does not require updating of virus definition files by performing mandatory access control. In addition to the antivirus feature, it has a data protection feature against important data alteration or unauthorized taking out of data. Further, thanks to automatic registration function of the security definition (white list), it does not require an expert knowledge for introducing this product. It can be incorporated into the existing IT system running another application softwares.
* WhiteShield is a product of AhnLab, Inc. in Korea.
* AhnLab WhiteShield is a trademark of AhnLab, Inc. in Korea.

  • Thanks to the White List Method, the updating of virus definition files is unnecessary.
  • No impact on CPU load
  • Data protection function
  • The White List can be visualized smartly by using a control tool (manager).
  • An automatic registration function of the White List is installed.


Control of the booting process by the White List Method
When processes, users, etc. access the local system, access control to resources is performed based on the preset authorized list regardless of the authorization of the OS to the processes or the users. This authorized list is called "White List".
By adopting the White List Method, WhiteShield prevents intrusions of computer viruses, worms, etc. and malfunctions by human errors by its access control.
Folder access control
It realizes the folder access control by setting the accessible process against the folder.
This enables the protection of important file and leakage of confidential files.
Simultaneous distribution of the White List
The same White Lists can be simultaneously distributed to the controllers under the same environment. This function easily enables the uniformity of the security level.
Audit log function
In case of any violation action against the preset White List, the violation information is logged.
Mandatory access control function
According to the pre-registered White List, It forcibly executes a program or controls the file access.

Product configuration

It is a control program that manages single or multiple agents. It creates, corrects, or distributes the White List that is applied to each agent. One unit of manager can handle the simultaneous connection with a maximum of 128 agents.

It is the main program of WhiteShield that is installed in the computer to be protected. It performs access control based on the White List.
By using the CUI tool installed in the agent, changing of the operation modes of the agent and backing up or restoring of the White List can be performed.

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