General purpose inverter for elevators THYFREC VT240EL
Thin type inverter for elevators THYFREC VT800
Inverter for high speed elevators THYFREC VT850H

Low voltage motor driveInverter for elevators

We realized low noise and low vibration by introducing the latest elevator control technologies. It enhances the value of an elevator by providing a comfortable ride.

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Product Features

It is an inverter for elevators of general purpose series. It can drive both PM motors and induction electric motors.

It is a slim type inverter for machine room-less elevators. Its thickness is 90 mm so that it can be installed in the space between the wall in the hoistway and the cage. It can operate by multi-step speed or speed command by serial communication.

It is an inverter for high speed elevators equipped with a regenerative converter to effectively use the regenerative energy. It contributes to saving energy by returning the regenerative energy to the power supply. We provide a comfortable ride and high-level safety in high-rise buildings.

  • Anti-rollback function (for VT240EL and VT850H)
  • Auto tuning function (for VT240EL)
  • Magnetic pole position detector function
  • Operation under analog speed command is possible (for VT240EL)
  • Capable of creepless operation by position learning operation (for VT800 and VT850H)
  • For high speed (for VT850H)
  • Energy saving operation through power regenerative converter (for VT850H)
  • Power source harmonic supression (for VT850H)
  • IEC61508 Safety Standard Compliant (for VT850H)

Applications and Solutions

Meiden has been a supplier of elevator motors and control units for elevators since the beginning of the 1970s, and our products are being used in wide range of elevators from low speed to high speed across the world.
Loading mass, speed, etc. of traction machines vary, and Meiden offers elevator motors and inverters. These products cover a wide range of inverters and motors for elevator such as built-in motors and PM motors from mid-low speed machines to super high speed machines.

Elevators are now a necessity of daily life for universal design and increasingly tall buildings, etc. Elevator is mainly consists of a controller unit (performing the operation contorl of the elevator), traction machine (for the elevator car movement) and an inverter (controling the motor of the traction machine).
Recently, the machine room-less elevator became common and these elevators are being used in may places such as train stations.


Please feel free to contact us for the specifications that are not described in this table by using the Internet inquiry form.


Applied motor 2.2 - 50kW
Rated input voltage 200 - 240V、380 - 480V
Maximum continuous rated current /
maximum acceleration current
200 V series: 11 A to 193 A / 19 A to 347 A
400 V series: 5.5 A to 87A / 9.9 A to 156A


Applied motor 5.6 - 37kW
Rated input voltage 200 - 220V、380 - 440V
Maximum continuous rated current /
maximum acceleration current
200 V series: 26 A to 94A / 46 A to 176A
400 V series: 15 A to 47A / 27 A to 88A


Applied motor 40 - 54kW
Rated input voltage 380 - 480V
Maximum continuous rated current /
maximum acceleration current
62 - 75A / 130 - 160A


What is the anti-rollback function?
Even without the load sensor, it can supress rollback and can assist the elevator control.
What is the auto tuning function?
It makes unnecessary the troublesome operations such as setting the motor constants. Even in case of using the existing motors, the proper  tuning is possible.
What is the magnetic pole position estimation function?
It makes unnecessary the encoders with the signals of U,V, and W phases or an absolute value become unnecessary, and it can control the PM motor with the signals of A, B, and Z phases alone. Since  "phase adjustment of the Z phase" is also unnecessary, in case of the encoder replacement,  tuning by rotating the motor is not required. 
The minimum thickness is 90 mm.
What is the creep-less operation by position learning drive?
The inverter learns the position, and carries out control to accurately stop the elevator at the designated floor position. Simply by selecting the mode in the serial communication option from the upper level control, it is possible to carry out processes from speed management to creep-less landing control.

Quick reference table

This is a quick reference table showing  the ranges of each series motor voltage and capacity . Just one look, you could see our offerings.

AC motor drive

Category Models Voltage Output (kw)
Low voltage motor drive

High performance and for general use

THYFREC VT240S 200 V /
400 V Series

PM servo driver

Servo driver PMD410

High speed response


For textile machines


For elevators

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