High voltage motor driveIGBT scherbius drive inverter THYFREC CV700SB

This is a scherbius drive inverter that performs variable speed operation for a medium to large capacity AC wound type electric motor.

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Product Features

By drawing on our engineering bases of our long-standing rich experiences of powertronics technologies through our variable speed control system series, we adopted high voltage IGBTs and various digital control technologies including boost chopper, regenerative inverter, etc. We provide the best combination solution for saving energy at drinking water and sewerage treatment facilities.

  • Best for making wound type induction motor into variable speed
  • Highly efficient and energy saving
  • Smaller footprint
  • No need for anti-harmonics function or power factor improvement unit


Application motor 500 to less than 4000 kW
Speed control range 60 to 98% (activation circuit required)
Voltage and current Secondary voltage: 1570 V or less
Secondary current: 250 to 2000 A
Overload capacity 120% to 1 minute
Efficiency and power factor Device efficiency: 96% or more, Device power factor: 95% or more

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What is CV700SB?


CV700SB is connected to the secondary circuit of the winding wire type motor while the direct medium voltage inverter THYFREC VT710 is connected to the primary circuit of the motor. Energy of the motor is supplied by the primary circuit and the rotation speed of the motor is changed by controlling the amount of energy regenerated from the secondary circuit by CV700SB to power supply. CV700SB only controls energy of the secondary circuit of the winding wire type motor, thus the electric power handled is smaller compared to VT710, which controls all energy of the primary circuit. Therefore, VT710 provides higher device efficiency but CV700SB provides higher system efficiency.

Quick reference table

This is a quick reference table in which the ranges of voltage and capacity of the motor of each series are clear at a glance.

AC motor drive

Category Models Voltage Output (kw)
Low voltage motor drive

High performance and for general use

THYFREC VT240S 200 V /
400 V Series

PM servo driver

Servo Driver PMD410

High speed response


For textile machines


For elevators

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