AC motor drivePower Regeneration Converter THYFREC CV240S

It is a converter that contributes to energy saving. It performs regeneration operation in which the regenerative power of the load is returned to the power supply side.

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Product Features

Image of the input power waveform
Content rate of harmonics

the harmonic to the power supply side is drastically suppressed by PWM current control. This control carries out sinusoidal wave approximation so that the waveform of the input current becomes a sinusoidal wave. When it is used in combination with an inverter, it can be handled as "self-excitation three-phase bridge (K=0)" in accordance with the guidelines for harmonic by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
This product has a 120°conduction control method besides the PWM control method, and it is capable of power regeneration operation with a less expensive input filter. It is ideal for application with rapid deceleration or frequent acceleration and deceleration, and a substantial energy saving effect is realized by returning the regeneration energy to the power supply side.
We offer the product series: six models of the 200V series (7.5 kW to 90 kW) and fourteen models of the 400V series (7.5 kW to 660 kW) .

  • Suppression of the harmonic current on the power supply side
  • Implementation of high power factor control
  • Energy saving by power regeneration operation
  • Capable of using common converter method

Applications and Solutions

When the setting of the frequency is rapidly decreased or it is performed in a condition where the actual speed of the motor is larger than the output frequency of the inverter during the deceleration, etc., the electric energy returns to the inverter from the motor. This is called "regeneration".
Normally, the regeneration energy is consumed by converting it to heat in a regeneration discharge resistor (DBR) connected to the DC part of the inverter. By returning the regeneration energy to the power supply side through a converter for power regeneration, the conventially wasted energy can be reused and it helps the energy saving.
When the voltage is low, THYFREC CV240S (power regeneration converter) and a low voltage inverter (THYFREC VT240S) are used together. When the voltage is high, THYFREC VT710P (power regeneration type direct high voltage inverter) is used.

When multiple inverters are used, energy may be saved when the AC part of the inverter is connected and it is configured to share the converter.

Even in case of the shared converter configuration, it is common to see that the regeneration energy is consumed in the discharge resistor. In that case, energy can be saved further by using a power regeneration type converter for the cooomon converter.


Application motor 7.5-660kW
Rated DC output voltage 200V series: DC 317.5 V to 360 V
400V series: DC 635 V to 720 V
Overload capacity 120% 1 min, 150% 1 min

Quick reference table

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AC motor drive

Category Models Voltage Output(kw)
Low voltage motor drive

High function general purpose unit

400V Series

PM servo driver

Servo driver PMD410

High speed response


For textile machines


For elevators

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