3MS series
Ultra-low-platform AGV
2ATB type

Automatic guided vehicle (AGV) systemsAll-surface ultra-thin type AGV (3MS Series and Ultra-low-platform AGV: 2ATB Type)

This is an underride type AGV.

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Product Features

3MS series
Ultra-low-platform AGV
2ATB type

[3MS series]
It comes with 1t transportable lifter. Vehicle height 190 mm. Capable of traveling all directions .
Capable of traveling all directions such as forward and backward traveling, traversing, oblique traveling, and spin turning.
High performance and high functional underride type type AGV.

[Ultra-low-platform AGV]
17cm ultra-low platform underride type AGV.
This is a underride type tractor for various types carriages.
Maximum traction weight of 1,300 kg. You can introduce our AGV system at about 1/3 of costs of our conventional AGV system and it comes with sufficient functions.

[2ATB type]
Vehicle height 200 mm. We realized a ultra-compact design. As well as towing a basket vehicle, it can give a lift-up by mounting the elevator unit on the top of the vehicle platform. It is an underride type AGV that plays a very active role in the assembly line, not limited to transportation between processes.

  • Suitable for transportation work of canister type basket carriage

Case Study

AGV Navi

For details, please refer to our "AGV Navi" (a special website) that introduces our automatic guided vehicles.

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