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Automatic guided vehicle (AGV) systemsOverhead Traveling Rail-Guided Trolley System (MST1 Type and MST2 Type)

It is the best rail-guided trolley vehicle for high speed transportation.

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Product Features

You can build a moving line with a high degree of freedom by effectively using the overhead space. We have a wide selection of various types of transfer equipment (hands) to fit the applications.
We realized the maximum high transport speed of 165 m/min by laying the rails overhead without any speed limit. The elevating speed is high, and it is suitable for the customers who would like to reduce the cycle time.

  • Reduction of cycle time
  • Rich selection of transfer equipment

Applications and Solutions

Automobile manufacturing industry

It is an overhead traveling rail-guided trolley system which adopts an self-driving system. Since the control from the ground level is easy, you could build a system very easily.

Characteristics Cage type transfer unit
Carrying items Size W450 X L484 X H250 (mm)
Configuration Engine assembling pallet
Mass 130 (kg)


Type MST1 MST3
Power supply system The power supply to trolley
Maximum weight of moving items 100kg 300kg
Traveling speed 165m/min 120m/min
Elevating speed 20m/min 10m/min
Elevating stroke 4m 4m
Stopping accuracy ±5mm ±5 mm (special specification ±1 mm)
Minimum turning radius 1m 1.5m

AGV Navi

For details, please refer to our "AGV Navi" (a special website) that introduces our automatic guided vehicles.

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