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Applied to Shinkansen electrical facility
Multi-frequency switching vacuum circuit switch which instantly switches traction power supply for different switching sections

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Product Features

Two different power supplies are instantly switched with this product at the switching section of the Shinkansen; therefore a Shinkansen train can pass the switching section without slowing down the speed.
As to the operation method, thanks to the use of solenoid operation type, it does not require the maintenance work of compressor as is the case with the conventional pneumatic -operated type model. We aim the facility labor-saving design. This is multi-frequency switching type model as it has to switch everytime Shinkansen train passes by. Further to address the issues of different frequency and different power supply, we commercialized the high withstand voltage type model.

  • Multi-frequency switching guarantee
  • Low current solenoid-operated type
  • Easy to change from pneumatic operated type model
  • High withstand voltage type model is also commercialized.


Supplied substation post Shin-Kurobe substation (SS) Shin-Takada sectioning post (SP) (high withstanding voltage type)
Type Vacuum switch
Location of use Indoor
Number of poles Single pole
Application For switching
Operation method Solenoid operation type
Rated voltage (kV) 36
Insulation voltage between electrodes(kV) 42 60
Rated frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated current (A) 1200
Operation duty O-(1s)-C,C-(1s)-O
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