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Meiden America is led by two key members. Together they maintain the operations, sales, and preparation of new leaders to provide future innovation and growth.

Hiroaki Wakui is President and Chief Executive Officer. He joined Meiden America’s parent company, Meidensha Corporation (Meiden), in 1994. He engaged in the business strategy planning of its overseas business to expand its global presence, especially in Asia. After 2013, he was in charge of the Meiden Group’s ASEAN regional headquarters, overlooking firms involved in manufacturing and engineering services and made various remarkable achievements. His successes in Asia lead to his new role in North America. Under his leadership, the Meiden Group is aiming to further develop within the North American market as part of its key strategic plan.

Kirk Goodell is Senior Executive Vice President. Kirk has a 40 year history in electronics development, software development, business development and business administration across many business sectors. Included among these sectors are construction, transportation, communications, semiconductor, health care, and manufacturing.

Hiroaki Wakui, President & Chief Executive Officer

Kirk Goodell, Senior Executive Vice President

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