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Product SupportDynamometer Service: General Information

Meiden America, Inc. retains an experienced technical staff to service and maintain its dynamometer systems throughout North America. Technicians have been individually trained to provide a range of field services including dynamometer and control system repairs, preventive and predictive maintenance, and calibration of measurement devices.

We are proud of the systems we sell and know that our customers' testing schedules depend of their reliability. Therefore a Meiden America, Inc. Service Representative can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions or schedule a visit.

To ensure that our systems continue to perform throughout their lifetime, we offer regular maintenance and calibration programs. Knowledgeable technicians keep all required maintenance items up to date, and calibration data is reverse-traceable to NIST standards. Extensive maintenance and calibration reports are generated for customer's records and preserved in our archives for future reference.

For a complete list of available services, please see below. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.

Field Repair Service

Our service staff is always available to keep equipment running and minimize costly downtime. Experienced and competent personnel can be dispatched with all the necessary equipment to remedy most dynamometer failures.

  • Minor Repairs (i.e. - sensor or actuator adjustments) can be completed quickly and inexpensively.
  • Major Repairs (i.e. - component replacement) will be performed in a timely manner with factory parts.
  • Troubleshooting of operational problems can often be executed over the phone with our knowledgeable technical support.

Inspection and Maintenance Report Archives

Clear and detailed reports are provided to our customers after each service visit and maintained in our archives for future reference.

  • Field Service Reports for minor and major repairs
  • Calibration and tolerance data
  • Dynamometer test reports

Spare and Repair Parts

Meiden America, Inc. maintains an extensive inventor of OEM preplacement parts in our Michigan office.

  • Maintenance items (i.e. - oil filters, etc.)
  • Service items for field repairs (i.e. - measurements transducers, etc.)
  • Major repair parts (i.e. - bearings, seals, etc.) for major shop repairs
  • Control Components (i.e. - PC boards, etc.)

Preventive Maintenance

Meiden America, Inc. has an experienced service staff available to provide periodic maintenance procedures.

  • Lubrication, oil change, and filter maintenance
  • Thorough cleaning of dynamometer components and electrical enclosures
  • Repair or replacement of worn or damaged components

Predictive Maintenance

In addition to executing required maintenance operations, Meiden America, Inc. will dispatch specially trained technicians to perform various procedures to predict problems before they occur.

  • Vibration tracking throughout the speed range
  • Measurement and analysis of electrical properties
  • Evaluation of mechanical values to factory specified tolerances

Calibration of Measurement Transducers

Meiden America, Inc. provides calibration services to ensure that your data acquisition is accurate and dependable. Our experienced technicians use modern equipment and approved procedures to provide data that is traceable to NIST standards.

  • Pressure transducers
  • Temperature sensors
  • Speed signals
  • Force load cells

Shop Repairs and Overhauls

  • Overhaul and reconditioning of all rotating equipment
  • Precision machine work
  • Stator and coil rewinding for AC, DC, and EDDY current dynamometers
  • Spin and load testing of dynamometers to validate factory specifications

Service Policy and Field Rates

We retain a full complement of experienced and qualified service personnel, and are normally able to respond to customer requests on a same-day basis. Meiden America, Inc. maintains current liability insurance and workmen's compensation coverage. Certificates are provided to all customers.

Continuing Education

In addition to the training provided at installation, further training on all types of Meiden equipment is available. This is most easily done at the customer's location, using the existing test system. Please contact our service manager regarding your specific requirements so that a custom program can be offered.

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