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Compact switchgear having a high performance that cannot be expected from conventional cubicle types of switchgear

Medium voltage switchgearSolid-insulated switchgear

Epoxy mold solid-insulation technology offers compact size and labour-saving in maintenance and inspection needs

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Product Features

Solid insulation method
Connection of busbars
Slip-on terminal
Extremely compact

All live parts in the main circuit are molded with epoxy and then covered with a conductive layer connected to the earth. The complete solid insulation method will prevent a one-line earth fault, if it occurs, from developing into a between-phase short-circuit incident. The completely sealed structure protects against adverse environments (contamination or salt damage) or external factors (invasion of small animals). The footprint is nearly 50% of that of conventional cubicle type switchgear, allowing the whole switchgear panels to be transported. Technologies to achieve high reliability and labour-saving will reduce the frequency of regular inspections that requires the shut-down of the main circuit down to once every six months .

  • Solid insulation design
  • High reliability and protection against adverse environments
  • Compact and reduced installaion period
  • Labour-saving in maintenance and inspection

Applications and Solutions

Many of these products have been installed at such factories as semiconductor plants where a stable power supply and no power interruption is reuired.

NEC Sagamihara

Epson Toyocom

Ricoh Japan Corporation Atsugi

Toppan NEC Circuit Solutions Toyama

NEC Tamagawa Renaissance City


Solid insulated switchgear (SIS) (JEM-1425 (1995))

Rated voltage
Nominal voltage
Rated current
Rated short-time
withstand current(kA)2秒
Withstand voltage(kV)
short-duration power-frequency short-duration power-frequency ligntning impulse
3.6 3.3 600 / 1200 /
2000 / 3000*
20 / 25 /
16 45
7.2 6.6 22 60

*:3000A (Rated current) type unit is restricted only 20/25kA (Rated short-time withstand current )

Solid insulated switchgear

Solid insulated switchgear(PDF:2.1MB)

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