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Multi-tier design offers a small footprint for an effective use of the electrical equipment room.

Medium voltage switchgear5-tier medium voltage combination starter

Industry leading 5-tier vacuum megnetic contactor (VMC) compartments for medium voltage motors, transformers capacitor banks

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Product Features

The flat design VMC allows a maximum of 5 stacking, reducing the footprint by approximately 60%. Medium voltage live parts are isolated with an earthed metal and a shutter made of insulating material. The insulating mold partition walls ensure vertical busbars are isolated between phases and betwen phases and earth. The multi-functional digital relay and wide range CT require only parameter adjustments for different loads, capacities and starting methods, eliminating the need for replacing CTs.

  • Small footprint
  • Safe and reliable
  • Flexible applications

Applications and Solutions

The small footprint allows installation in a confined space that is too small for similar products


Specifications of MV motor combination starter(PDF:580KB)

  • *Please refer to the catalog for details including external dimensions.
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