2018Vol.172 No.1,2018

Special Issue of Logistics Systems

Meiden Logistics Systems have been developed and evolved to t the progress of the manufacturing industries – mostly for auto industry. Recently, to meet the challenges of declining working population and the exible production systems (volume and mix exibility), there are growing demands for Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems. The logistics systems are now in a time of big change from the simple material conveying work to more advanced logistics system with rapid information processing to deal with the self-driving and AI application.

This special edition introduces our new AGV products especially for pallet transportation, AGV systems for exible production systems, and also our programs to meet the logistics system renovation needs.

Special Issue of Motor Drive Applications

In our early days, we were famous as “Meiden – an Induction Motor Company." Over the years, we have been contributing to the progress of motor technologies in Japan. Recently, our application range of our motor drive products becomes wider including the same for the Electric Vehicle (EV).

This special edition introduces our latest motor drive products such as medium-voltage transformerless multi-level inverters (based on the design concept – more system efficiency and more compact design) and high-speed PM motors.


Special Issue of Logistics Systems


[ Transportation ]

AGV System for Automotive Parts Assembly


AGV System for Paper Rolls(PDF:388KB)


AGV System for Processing Lines


Development of Side-Fork Type AGV(PDF:401KB)


Special Issue of Motor Drive Applications


[ New Products ]

[ New Technologies ]

[ FL Driving System ]

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