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PM3.5T/5.2T for retrofit
Thin type PM3T

High performance and high efficiency PM motorPM Motors for Elevator

Our latest elevator control technologies realize low noise and low vibration.
It enhances elevator value by providing a comfortable ride.

  • Low voltage
    Rated voltages are 200 V class and 400 V class.
  • AC
    It is an AC-driven motor.
  • Dedicated model
    It is a dedicated motor for each machinery.
  • For variable speed machinery
    It is a motor for variable speed machinery.
  • Fully enclosed type
    It has an enclosure that is protected against solid foreign objects of 1.0 mm Ø except the external fan part (IP4X)/.
  • Horizontal type
    The installation method is horizontal.

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Product Features

Reduction of torque ripple
Application range of the standard series

It is a low noise and low vibration motor with drastically reduced torque ripple by adopting a surface magnet PM motor and optimizing the shape of the magnet.
Further, its design factored such matters as malfunctions due to the installation site conditions or the leakage current reduction causing the deterioration of control performance.
As the elevator motor, a series of loading mass 450 kg to 2,000 kg and elevating speed 45 m/min to 105 m/min and a series of loading mass 900 kg to 2,000 kg and elevating speed 120 m/min to 240 m/min are offered as a standard series.

  • The rich elevator drive technology resources developed for 30 years.
  • An SPM motor is applied.
  • A comfortable ride is provided by realizing high torque and low torque ripple.
  • No machine room (in the case of the slim PM3T machine)

Applications and Solutions

Our company has been a supplier of elevator motors and control devices since the beginning of the 1970s, and our products are being used in the elevators in many countries around the world and cover a wide range of elevators from low speed to high speed.
The hoisting machines for elevator have various requirements of loading mass, the speed, etc. and our company offers the wide range motor drive units for for elevators: from a mid-to-low speed machine to a super high speed machine.

The elevator has become essential product for our daily life in response to the needs of barrier-free housing and high-rise buildings, etc. It is mainly consisted of a controller (doing elevator operation management), hoist unit (moving the elevator car) and an inverter (controling the hoist motor.)
Recently, the machine room-less elevator systems became common and these systems are being used in many places starting from the train stations, etc.


  Thin Type 3T Pit
installation 3T
installation 5T
Hoist for
Retrofit 3.5T
Hoist for
Retrofit 5.2T
Loading mass
450-1000 1150-
Elevating speed
45-105 120-240

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What is PM motor

The PM motor is a permanent magnet type synchronous motor that does not require any DC excitation. The rotor has the same structure as a cage type induction motor, and it has a built-in magnet to exhibit the performance of a synchronous motor.
Because it can be started with commercial electric power and operated by synchronizing the frequency, highly accurate speed control can be easily performed without feedback control such as encoding.

Quick reference table

This is a quick reference table in which the ranges of voltage and capacity of the motor of each series are clear at a glance.

PM motor

Category voltage Output(kw)

PM servo motor


Self-starting PM motor


Energy saving PM motor


Sensor less PM motor

PM Motors for Elevator

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